500 Filipinos Receive Spectacles To Help Them Improve Their Lives

Kapuso 066

Essilor Vision Foundation celebrated Sight Saving month with our commitment to provide better visual health for all. Together with GMA Kapuso, we reached out to Filipinos in need of vision correction at the annual Kapuso 20-20 Eye Project. This project is a yearly partnership with support from Philippines Association of Optometrists (IPAO). We provided free refraction and eyeglasses to 702 individuals in Manila, Cebu and Davao.

This outreach is part of Essilor Vision Foundation’s strategy to address a global issue – the prevalence of uncorrected poor vision around the world and the need for governments and corporations to play a role in providing access to vision correction, particularly in emerging markets. “This is just one of the many projects lined up for this year that is geared towards better vision across the country,” Dr. Roleda added.