Essilor Vision Foundation Goes to Penang


Essilor Vision Foundation partners with Special Olympics, Lions and Leo Clubs, Mattel and Lam Wah Ee Hospital to perform screening for the first time in Penang. It was held on Sunday, 13th December 2015 for 2 days

The vision screening was conducted by 1 ophthalmologists and 2 Optometrists and together, they screened 53 intellectually disabled athletes from Special Olympics Penang. 13% of the screened athletes were found to have eye sight problems, 5 athletes were given prescription glasses, which helped them in their everyday life and be a better athletes in Special Olympics Year round training and competitions.

It was an enriching experience for all, and in the words of parents Tan Chee Yih ” They were glad to be able to bring their children for the free eye test by medical experts”

Another parents, Daphne Tan highlighted the lack of service for athletes with visual problems as currently there is no optical shop or eye clinic that caters to intellectually disabled people and they have nowhere to turn to for answer to questions and/or fitting.

Ms. Adelynn Khaw from Essilor commented that “I am very proud of my company for what they do for these intellectually disabled people. By providing services and lenses for the corrections of their eye sight, we have helped to change the lives of many and make them more confident, more active, a better individual all round.”