Giving Myanmar Better Life Through Better Sight


12 September 2015 marked the day where 25 students from Singapore Polytechnic Optometry Program led by 2 lecturers embarked on a mission to Myanmar. Throughout the 14 days, the students conducted vision screening for the locals in Pathein, Maubin and Yangon. In total, the team screened 2029 villagers, and gave out 1300 pairs of equipment (e.g., reading spectacles, prescription spectacles and sunglasses) sponsored by Essilor Vision Foundation.

Being able to provide primary eye care for the locals in rural settings was a great eye opener for the team. In return, the smiles on the villagers’ faces when they can finally see the world around them so clearly kept the team going. The students saw how the villagers’ lives could improve with the visual aids given to them. Children whom were once denied the opportunity of education due to their poor vision could now go back to school and the elderlies whom were once struggling to keep up with their pastor during bible study could now do so once again!