Volunteers bring vision care to over 1000 Burmese people in need

In February 2016, Essilor Vision Foundation joined hands with the NGO, Humanitarian with Love, as part of a medical mission in Mandalay that gathered about 200 volunteers from several countries, including doctors, dentists, physicians and optometrists, to help locals in need of basic healthcare.

Around 3000 Burmese people from different parts of the country traveled to the camp during the 2 ½ days of the mission. Both children and adults, often coming from remote areas where they do not have access to medical services, were given consultation, treatment and prescriptions for medication when necessary. The volunteer optometrists conducted eye screenings as well as equipped these beneficiaries with free spectacles and sunglasses.

“I was surprised that many patients traveled from far to attend the camp. This showed me the need for such outreach projects as people often don’t have access to the services we offered them. I remember one little girl, she was maybe about six years old. Her mother needed glasses but couldn’t accompany her so the kid came all the way to the camp by herself. She gave us some basic information and we provided her with the appropriate glasses for her mother. I also met a traditional physician who was highly myopic. He told us he was neither able to remember nor recognize his patients because he could not see them clearly. He was incredibly happy with the glasses we have provided him with, because it is now possible for him to recognize his patients.” – Wee Sing Ong from Essilor R&D – Center for Innovation & Technology Asia.