Volunteers from Essilor and global automotive company, Delfingen, teamed up to coordinate a second vision care day for close to 300 Delfingen employees and their families in Manila, Philippines.

Cebu & Cavite, Philippines

Dates: September 2017 and February 2018
Duration: 3 days
People screened: 782
Eyeglasses given: 373

Volunteers participated: >20

EVF A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines (1)
A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines
EVF A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines (5)
EVF A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines (8)
EVF A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines (12)
EVF A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines (14)
EVF A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines (15)
EVF A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines (17)
EVF A Vision of Two Foundations in Philippines (21)

Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) began a partnership with the Delfingen Foundation (supported by global automotive supplier Delfingen) in September 2017 to make vision correction part of the health care programme for Delfingen’s employees and their families. After a successful initial event of screening 500 people in Cebu, Philippines last year, volunteers from Essilor and Delfingen teamed up again to organise a second vision care day at Delfingen’s production site in Cavite, Manila.

The scale of uncorrected poor vision is vast, particularly in emerging economies. The inaugural vision care event at Delfingen was the first eye test for 70% of employees and their families. At the second event in early February this year, 64% of people screened needed vision correction and were equipped with glasses from Essilor’s 2.5 NVG range.

Partnering with different public, private and non-profit organisations is one way that EVF is able to focus resources where they can bring real benefit. “With the support of Essilor Vision Foundation, we can contribute to Essilor’s objective to improve lives by improving sight, while contributing to our own target to help individuals become more autonomous, thanks to the access to healthcare and education,” commented Bernard Streit, CEO of Delfingen and President of Delfingen Foundation.

EVF and Delfingen are working together to extend this vision care programme to other industrial sites in India and Asia in 2018.



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Peter Hua

EVF Ambassador

“Besides connecting with positive and proactive co-workers, we gained a sense of purpose as a team. In turn, I personally appreciated people’s differences while building empathy and social awareness in the process."

Trey Eng

Beneficiary, Retired Dressmaker, 72

“Can you see my pretty eyes now? With this pair of glasses, I’m able to see all my lovely grandchildren!”

Juliana Chua

EVF Ambassador

“Influence positively, inspire and retain great volunteers. Recruiting volunteers is only a start. Keeping the team motivated and inspired is the real difference."

Sunil Bhangale

EVF Ambassador

"Helping provide good vision to the underprivileged certainly boosts their confidence in managing their routine activities and brings smiles to their faces."

Weng San

Beneficiary, Driver, 58

“I’m just so happy to see my family members smile today with their new pair of glasses!”

Moe Hwet

Beneficiary, Field Worker, 65

“With these new pair of glasses, now I can see how beautiful the world truly is!”


Beneficiary, Student, 15

“When I got blurred vision, I always wished I had a pair of eyeglasses – they are like a friend of mine which I use everyday.”

Bao Tram

Wee Sing

EVF Volunteer Lead Optometrist

“This showed me the need for such outreach projects as people often don’t have access to the services we offered them.”

Wee Sing Ong