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PHILIPPINES - a better vision for a better tomorrow

PHILIPPINES, A Better Vision for a Better Tomorrow

When the armed conflict erupted in Marawi last year, many residents were forced to leave their homes and livelihood. As a result, many were wounded and lost loved ones during the escape. Now that the battle has finally ceased, residents are faced with yet another daunting task of rebuilding their lives from what’s left. Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) is committed to providing eye care to the people of Marawi, and in so doing hopefully give them hope for a brighter, clearer tomorrow.

SINGAPORE - leaving no one behind

SINGAPORE, Leaving No One Behind

Providing accessibility to vision care to the marginalized has always been extremely important to EVF’s work. In Singapore, EVF is committed to providing this service to groups including ex-offenders, foreign domestic / construction workers as well as the intellectually disabled. Partnering with organisations such as the Yellow Ribbon Project, MINDS, AIDHA and People’s Association, EVF is committed to ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to taking care of one’s eyes.

INDONESIA - Empowering the next generation

INDONESIA, Empowering the Next Generation

EVF and Lions Club, an international voluntary organisation, recognise that 80% of learning occurs through the eyes. Without good vision, a student will not be able to fully maximise his/her potential at school. Together, EVF and Lions Club seek to provide vision care to at least 60,000 youths in multiple cities in Indonesia empowering the next generation of leaders.