The Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF), together with Essilor and non-governmental organisation, the Migrant Workers’ Centre, recently launched a three-year migrant workers vision care programme to provide 300,000 migrant workers living in dormitories in Singapore with free eye care education and reading glasses.


Duration: 3 Years
People screened: 300,000
Eyeglasses to Give:90,000

Implemented by EVF and non-governmental organisation, the Migrant Workers’ Centre, this program aims to make available free comprehensive vision screenings and prescription glasses for those in need, when there is greater access to vision screening events after the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the increased use of digital gadgets and near work as a result of COVID-19 quarantine measures, the issue of presbyopia in migrant workers aged 40 years and above was unearthed. Presbyopia is a form of near vision impairment that occurs naturally with aging, where there is a loss of near focusing ability. It is easily corrected with glasses.

Held in October 2020, a launch ceremony of the migrant worker vision care program was graced by guest-of-honour, Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Home Affairs, Mrs Josephine Teo, at our regional headquarters in Singapore, while observing COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. The ceremony saw attendees from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, the Migrant Workers’ Centre and the Singapore Economic Development Board, which supports our Base-of-Pyramid (BoP) Innovation Lab



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Peter Hua

EVF Ambassador

“Besides connecting with positive and proactive co-workers, we gained a sense of purpose as a team. In turn, I personally appreciated people’s differences while building empathy and social awareness in the process."

Trey Eng

Beneficiary, Retired Dressmaker, 72

“Can you see my pretty eyes now? With this pair of glasses, I’m able to see all my lovely grandchildren!”

Juliana Chua

EVF Ambassador

“Influence positively, inspire and retain great volunteers. Recruiting volunteers is only a start. Keeping the team motivated and inspired is the real difference."

Sunil Bhangale

EVF Ambassador

"Helping provide good vision to the underprivileged certainly boosts their confidence in managing their routine activities and brings smiles to their faces."

Weng San

Beneficiary, Driver, 58

“I’m just so happy to see my family members smile today with their new pair of glasses!”

Moe Hwet

Beneficiary, Field Worker, 65

“With these new pair of glasses, now I can see how beautiful the world truly is!”


Beneficiary, Student, 15

“When I got blurred vision, I always wished I had a pair of eyeglasses – they are like a friend of mine which I use everyday.”

Bao Tram

Wee Sing

EVF Volunteer Lead Optometrist

“This showed me the need for such outreach projects as people often don’t have access to the services we offered them.”

Wee Sing Ong